Bank Interview
Bank PO & Bank Clerk
Interview is the final hurdle in the selection for Bank Jobs. Though interview process varies from bank to bank, there is a generally accepted format and procedure for interviews for both Bank PO and Bank Clerk.
The aim and Purpose of Bank Interview

Generally those who qualify the written examination are called for the interview. By the time the candidate comes for interview, the Board clearly knows that the
candidate possess not only the right qualification but also the right level of knowledge. The fact that he has cleared the written examination shows that he possesses the satisfactory level of knowledge in Quantitative Aptitude, Test of Reasoning, General English, Computer and other subjects that figures in the written examination. So the purpose of interview is not to test the knowledge of candidate in the subject included in the written examination.
Then What?

A job demands certain qualities, abilities, talents, resources, for its effective fulfillment. Moreover, each organization has its own aspirations and vision and the organizations aims to fulfill its aspirations and vision through the team of employees they possess.So the purpose of interview is to check the general level of skill of the candidate, his capability and willingness to perform various tasks assigned to him, his aptitude for the job, personality traits he posses, his level of ambition and his capacity to contribute to the fulfillment of